The following species are available for Biltong Hunting. There are no trophy fees that apply so if you shoot a 16” Springbuck or a 50” Kudu then there will not be an extra charge.

(All prices exclude VAT at 14%)


We specialize in Plains Game hunting in the Western Cape and have an affiliation with a number of hunting farms in the area. We are therefore able to offer a number of different hunting option and prices with varying levels of accommodation and catering or self catering. Hunts can be from a single person for one day for a bow hunt to large groups fully catered for several days. Family hunts or father and son hunts can also be organized but typically the larger the group the more costs can be shared among the people in the group. Please contact us for the latest prices and for availability


When organizations want to get together during a corporate hunting activity there are a number of key factors that need to be considered by the hunting operator. Wet Dog Safaris focus on the following during these group activities:


  • Full catering as opposed to having the people in the group braai and cook for themselves

  • Full and open bar with a great atmosphere rather than just a coolbox full of beers

  • Large hunting area to ensure that more than one hunting party can be in the field at one time

  • Sufficient quantity (and quality) of game available to ensure all participants can obtain their quota

  • Training of the occasional or first time hunter i.t.o. shooting technique and shot placement

  • Additional hunting rifle(s) to ensure that even people without a rifle can participate in the event

  • Trained and professional guides to ensure all hunting activies are conducted safely

  • Skilled trackers to assist with the follow up and skinning of animals

  • Large cooling facalities for keeping all the animal carcassees in a good condition

  • Excellent accommodation that is services and cleaned while the hunter is out during the day


Wet Dog Safaris specialize in Corporate Hunting packages and can accommodate groups of up to 24 people in size. This will often include some inexperienced hunters or potential hunters that do not have their own rifle. Wet Dog Safaris can then supply a rifle and guide the new hunter to success to ensure a great and memorable experience.


Critical to the success of a Corporate hunt is solid planning and Wet Dog Safaris will sit with the sponsor before the time and plan all the activities and establish the budget for the entire hunt. A facilitator can also be provided to assist with conducting Bos Beraad or Strategic Planning sessions at the well equipped conference facility at the hunting venue.


If you are in the Financial Services sector and an Insurance- or Investment Broker and have High Value Clients that needs special attention then contact us for the Gold Hunter experience. This Extreme Customer Care offering ensures individual attention and special treatment for that High Value Corporate client.


Not only will you be able to spend a quality few days with your key clients but you will also be able to provide them with great memories and continued future investments. Please contact us for the latest prices and for availability