The following species are available for Biltong Hunting. There are no trophy fees that apply so if you shoot a 16” Springbuck or a 50” Kudu then there will not be an extra charge.

(All prices exclude VAT at 14%)


The Great Karoo concession is a 10 000 Ha farm dedicated to hunting. It consists of vast open Karoo plains as well as high mountainous terrain.  The hunting lodge is situated approximately 10 km from the center of Beaufort West town and 24 km from the entrance of the Karoo National Park. This close proximity to town allows you to go and shop for anything that might have been left at home.​

The 10 000 hectares are fenced off and has a certificate of adequate enclosure (CAE) to allow hunting throughout the year. There are no smaller camps or any internal fencing that keep game contained and they have free roam of the entire area. The hunting area is divided in two by a high mountain. On the NE side of the mountain the open plains stretch for many kilometers and reflect a typical Karoo landscape with a shooting distance in the 200 – 500 meter range.


On the NW side of the mountain there is the lodge and a steep road that leads to a plateau on the top of the mountain where the terrain is very undulating. This is perfect for the walk and stalk hunting practiced on the farm and here the shooting distance is in the 100 – 200 meter range. The two areas are very contrasting in its appearance and in the type of hunting that takes place.


At the farm we do not hunt according to the traditional “voorsit” method and therefore do not chase animals with vehicles in the general direction of the hunter. We also do not shoot off the back or from the inside of vehicles unless a hunter is not able to walk and stalk.  We typically find herds of buck and will then hunt the animal down by walking further and stalking. This method needs time and patience and constitutes hunting in the proper sense of the word and complies with our hunting ethic of “Fair Chase”.